Infrastructure & Transportation Works

Based on our experience in infrastructure projects, we’ve been able to create amazing constructions

ER CONSTRUCTION has been actively involved in the construction of highways, railways, tunnels, and infrastructure lines throughout Bulgaria with its experienced and knowledgeable staff since 2014.
We have a huge staff who are experienced in prestressed girder bridges, post-tensioned girder bridges, balanced cantilever bridges, incremental launch method bridges, and NATM Tunnels.


ER Constructions Company is registered to the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.
The Company has all category from first to fifth category:

  1. First group: construction sites of high-rise construction (residential, public service, industrial), adjacent infrastructure, electronic communication networks and facilities.
  2. Second group: construction sites of the transport infrastructure.
  3. Third group: construction sites of the energy infrastructure.
  4. Fourth group: construction sites of utilities infrastructure, Port and Harbors, hydro-technical construction and environment protection.
  5. Fifth group: construction sites of falling under the defition of sektor “Construction” as per code of identification KID-2008.