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Constructing since 2014

Who we are

ER Constructions Company began its commercial activities in Bulgaria. Industrial Projects, Highway, Port and Harbours, railway, irrigation channel, pond works for infrastructure and building contracting business in superstructure, the company has been investing in residential construction in the private sector. Being engaged in the dwelling production by producing cooperative housing society, the company proceeded to develop deluxe residential, business and shopping centre projects especially in metropolis.

ER Constructions Company strictly complies with the current laws and regulations for all its activities, is well aware of its responsibilities towards the state and the society, endeavours to render services with a sense of responsibility while creating employment opportunities.

Certificate Experience

homepage-about-1Quality policy; all of our activities to our customers high-quality, cost-effective and reliable business and services
with the aim of presenting and conducting these activities
is to develop continuously.
ER Constructions Company is registered to the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. The Company has all category from
first to fifth category.

Years of Experience

homepage-about-2Based on its experiences and knowledge, ER Constructions Company carries on with further investments and commitments, works devotedly with no concessions on quality and makes great efforts to contribute to the nation in its field with its professional team, equipment and personnel.


Some of our accomplishments


What we do and where are we good at


Highways, Motorways, Railways, Tunnels

We offer tailored solutions meeting our clients’ individual requirements – professionalism is our top priority from technical execution to economic efficiency.


Industrial Plants & Shopping Centers

Our expertise connects production and consumers in the best possible way.



Providing consulting assistance to various international companies wishing to initiate their projects in Bulgaria.



Indicate where and how much quarry material is required and we will provide you with the desired capacity.

We know how to build great projects.

Builders oversee, coordinate and work on the construction of roads and other buildings. The team usually work outdoors in industrial conditions, as part of a construction team.


Strategic partners we work


Recovery plan for Europe

Worldwide experience

Our main focus is construction and renewable energy, our subsidiaries are in:

  • Turkey
  • Bulgaria